About oils

Essential oils are concentrated liquids containing volatile compounds. Essential oils are extracted from plants, so it's 100% derived from nature. The essential oils contain the true essence of the plant , thats why only a small amount of them to be used. Not the same as the perfume oils, becouse the latter materials are artificially produced, so there is no therapeutic effect. Using area is very wide, for example it's essential for the human diet. In addition to spice our food, flavors make us healthier, because it has a positive influence for the digestion, and many other life process.

Our company offers a wide range of various essential oils (including: black pepper, cumin, cloves, anise, thyme), but beyond that individual needs can be flexible to adapt.

Product list

Anise oil
Bergemott oil
Camphor oil
Cedarwood oil
Cinnamon oil
Clary sage oil
Clove oil
Coriander oil
Cumin oil
Cypress oil
Eucalyptus oil
Fennel oil
Garlic oil
Geranium oil
Grapefruit oil
Incense oil
Kitchen cumin oil
Lavender oil
Lemon grass oil
Lemon oil
Mandarin oil
Myrtle oil
Neroli oil
Nutmeg oil
Onion oil
Orange oil
Oregano oil
Peppermint oil
Petitgrain oil
Pimento oil
Pine oil
Rose oil
Rosemary oil
Rosewood oil
Sage oil
Sandalwood oil
Spearmint oil
Tea Tree oil
Thyme oil
Verbena oil
Ylang-ylang oil