About meat industrial flavors

Like many other areas, flavors gain ground increasingly in the meat industry. During the processing and preservation food lose much from the flavors, at this time need to use aromas. Whether it's traditional, unique or seasonal flavors, you can choose from our wide range.

We try to content the growing and changing consumer demands in accord with your ideas.Our keywords are: professional quality, diverse flavors and techniques, flexible service.

We offer beef, pork, chicken, ham, bacon, smoke, garlic (fresh and fried), onion (fresh and fried), black pepper, nutmeg, coriander flavors . In addition to our product list, we can produce more flavors as our costumers need.

Product list

Beef flavor
Black pepper oil
Black pepper oleoresin
Capsicum oleoresin.6.6
Chicken flavor
Cinnamon oil
Coriander extract
Coriander oil
Coriander oleoresin
Cumin extract
Cumin oil
Cumin oleoresin
Curcuma oleoresin
Garlic extract
Garlic oil
Ginger extract
Ginger oil
Ginger oleoresin
Ham flavor
Juniper oil
Liver flavor
Lovage extract
Lovage leaf oil
Luncheon flavor
Mustard extract
Mustard oil
Nutmeg oil
Nutmeg oleoresin
Onion oil
Paprika oleo. water-soluble
Paprika oleoresin 50.000
Paprika oleoresin 80.000
Paprika oleoresin 100.000
Pimento oil
Pork flavor
Sausage flavor
Savory extract
Smoke flavoring
White pepper oleoresin